Island Custom Engineering


"ICE" is committed to the customer.  We promise to treat
the customer with respect and we provide the service one would expect.  Established in 1990 we specialize in unique products designed to enhance or improve performance of your American made motorcycle.  We don't deal with the big ticket items.  We specialize in the small things that make life easier.   Most of our products are proprietary and designed for the application as described in the pr
oduct description.  We will respond to each e-mail and provide answers to all questions about our products.  We
hope we can share our mutual interest in the sport of motorcycling especially in our favorite American made motorcycle.


 Our product line includes;

Bearings, our first design involved a redesign of the 45 clutch hub bearing which was a spinoff of the shovel long roller clutch hub bearing. Once innvolved with the 45 we decided to replace the brass 45 cam bearings with needle bearings.

    • Shovel long roller clutch hub bearing
    • 45 clutch hub bearing
    • 45 Cam Bearings

Shovel intake seals have always been prone to leaking so we developed silicone green sleeves to provide a seal that would provide a more positive seal at the manifold.

      • silicone intake sleeves

Replacing the FX shifter lever bushing has proven to be a periodic maintenance event so we have developed an easy method to rapidly replace a FX Shifter Bushing.


Our newest product line provides an assortment of electronic diagnostic Break-Out-Boxs for Harley Davison Motorcycles.  Our diagnostic Break out Boxes are for Deutch & Delphi (Parker) connectors with adapter cable sets to provide easy access to additional electrical systems.

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